Can I have a refund?

When all places are sold or if it is less than 4 weeks to race day, your race entry fee will not be refundable in any circumstances.  While places are still available and it is still more than 4 weeks until race day, you may apply in writing for a refund, which will be subject to an admin charge of up to £3.00.

To request this, please use the contact form.

Can I transfer my place to someone else?

If the race has sold out and/or entry has closed you may transfer your race place to another participant.  There is no charge for this service, but we will not process any number transfers that are requested later than 10 days prior to race day.

To request a transfer, please use the contact form.

Can I have a deferral?

We do not issue deferrals for any of our races.

Can I wear headphones?

We’d encourage you not to; it really is better to hear your fellow runners, listen to your breathing, take in the atmosphere.  But if you feel you just can’t run without them, headphones may be worn as long as you take responsibility for the volume to be low enough for you to hear all marshal instructions and the words of those around you.  Our races are run on closed roads or trails, but that doesn’t mean that emergency vehicles or access vehicles won’t be present.

What do I get for running?

Apart from the warm-glow of satisfaction from a race well run? 

The Vale of York races (Vale of York 10 and Vale of York Half Marathon) always reward finishers with a medal and technical t-shirt plus whatever other goodies we can lay our hands on!

The St Aidan’s races (St Aidan’s 10K and St Aidan’s Half Marathon) have a medal for all finishers, plus chocolate/beer or something like a beanie.

For the Triathlons (Tadcaster and Wetherby) they’ll be a medal and sommat else! Send us your thoughts if you like!

For the 5K Series (Leeds and York), there’s always chocolate and beer at the end of each race, plus a medal for those completing 6 races or more.

Are your races chip-timed?

Yes.  We will either use re-usable timing tags (attached to your shoe) or disposable bib tags (attached to the back of your race number).  Full instructions are provided when you collect your race pack (see "What will be in my race pack?").

When do I get my race number?

Race numbers are NOT sent out in advance. Your personal race pack will be available for collection on the day at Race HQ.  Race HQ opens 2 hours before the race starts.

You will not need specific ID to collect your race pack.  Race packs are distributed alphabetically by surname.  To collect your pack you will be asked to confirm your name and your date of birth.

Please arrive in good time.

What will be in my race pack?

If we are using re-usable timing chips, your race pack will include:

  • your race number

  • your reusable timing tag (to be attached to your shoe)

  • instructions for attaching your timing tag

  • a plastic coated wire tie for attaching your timing tag to your shoe

Wear your race number on the front of your running vest or shirt. Do not give your number to anyone else. Write your contact details on the back of your number in case of emergency.

Attach your timing tag securely to your shoe. NO TAG, NO TIME! You must return your timing tag at the end of the race (marshals will be there to collect them).  If you do not return your timing tag you will be liable for the cost of its replacement.